Meet SASH Beds

Australian owned, universally loved

Who Are We?

Hi there, my name’s Nejra and I’m the Founder of SASH Beds.

I started SASH after speaking to a close friend about her dog’s severe anxiety. She’d gotten to the point where she couldn’t leave him at home alone.

I’ve always loved having dogs around - the unconditional love and loyalty they show is one of the closest bonds a human can experience. Imagining our beloved pets in discomfort is what compelled me to start SASH Beds. 

After more than 12 months of extensive research, product development and testing, the first bed in the collection was launched - the SASH Calming Dog Bed.

Calming, comfortable, and oh so stylish

The unique construction of the SASH Calming Bed is what provides a safe haven for your pup to relax and be calm. With a weighted design and deep rimmed walls, it simulates the feeling of being hugged - warm and secure - the same way they feel when they’re with you! 

The feedback I receive most from customers is that their pet seems more relaxed, falling into a deeper sleep when they’re in their SASH bed. And as we all know - the better you sleep, the better you feel.

I also wanted to create a collection that not only felt premium but complemented the modern Australian home. Every bed has a stylish and luxurious fabric, so you won’t want to hide it away in the laundry! Rather, your pup’s bed can take pride of place and fit in perfectly in any room of your home.

SASH & sustainability

The inspiration for starting SASH Beds was my desire to help improve the comfort and well-being of pets. Climate change affects us all, and I’ve committed to do my bit as a business owner to ensure a greener future. Over the course of 2022, the team and I have been working behind the scenes to reduce our emissions.

To date, 1,659 trees have been planted and we’ve been able to offset 100% of our carbon emissions generated in 2022. 

Next steps for SASH are to establish more sustainable processes & packaging (without compromising on quality and safety, of course!). 

What does this mean for SASH customers? When you purchase from SASH Beds you're committing to helping create a greener future. So thank you!

Be part of the SASH family

My biggest joy is seeing pups across Australia falling in love with their SASH Bed, and hearing how its helped them find the comfort they deserve.

Please tag @sashbeds in your photos so we can see your furry friend happy, comfortable and sleeping soundly with their new bed.

Love, Nejra x