Meet SASH Beds

We are an Australian owned brand

Who Are We?

Hi, my name is Nejra!
I started SASH right here on the Gold Coast, Australia.

After speaking to one of my friends about how severe her dog's anxiety was - in fact, to the point she didn’t want to leave him home alone - Having had struggled with anxiety myself and known how bad it was, I then knew I had to make it my mission to find a solution that would not only relieve our “fur babies” but give all the struggling “parents” some well deserved peace of mind when leaving the house.   

I always had a huge passion for dogs and have had many myself; the undivided love and loyalty a dog brings you is truly one of the closest bonds a human can experience. Their heart is so big and to imagine our beloved pets in pain is what compelled me to start SASH beds.

Most times our pups anxiety is related to separation from you and feeling lonely. After extensive research, I realised the easiest way to calm your dog, is to simulate it feeling hugged, warm and safe - the same way it feels when it’s with you!    

SASH beds are a dog bed designed with the softest materials, enveloping plush walls to help your dog feel safe and snug - just like a baby being swaddled! Our dogs are like our children and all we want is to take good care of them.   

I created the SASH bed with a premium, luxurious aesthetic to suit any household so that your dog loves it but it also compliments your home. I wanted a bed that was durable and at the same time soft enough to have on your own bed, while being in harmony with your lifestyle. This is also the reason why SASH beds are made out of material’s that are machine washable. 

I love hearing how SASH beds help your pup find the comfort they deserve! We appreciate all your continued support and love receiving your feedback. Please share any photos and tag @sashbeds because I would love nothing more than to see your dog happy, content and enjoying their new bed :)  

Love, Nejra