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Pre Order simply means that the item is not yet available for shipment in our warehouse. Due to high demand for our beds, we have made our pre-sale live for our customers and their pups to get their hands on the SASH bed.

Pre-sale orders will be sent out within the first week of January, we send your SASH bed out from our Gold Coast warehouse. Standard domestic shipping times then apply (3-7 days). Expect to see your tracking code sent in the first week of August.

Cannot wait for your pup to enjoy their new bed!

Premium Dog Car Bed
Premium Dog Car Bed
Premium Dog Car Bed
Premium Dog Car Bed
Premium Dog Car Bed
Premium Dog Car Bed
Premium Dog Car Bed
Premium Dog Car Bed
Premium Dog Car Bed
Premium Dog Car Bed
Premium Dog Car Bed
Premium Dog Car Bed
Premium Dog Car Bed

Premium Dog Car Bed

Bring your furry friend on every adventure, with ease. Our Premium Dog Car Bed ensures a safe and comfortable journey for your pet. Whatever roadtrip you take, your pet is safe and secure when coming along for the ride.
  • Designed to calm & soothe while in the car
  • Durable construction, with generous side bolsters
  • Super secure, with built-in safety buckles
  • Protects your car from pet hair, dirt & scratches
  • Carry handles for easy transport
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Designed with adjustable safety buckles and a non-skid base for stability.

Keep the bed fresh and hygienic with its removable cover for easy-cleaning.

Give your pet pride of place with their own car seat that doubles as a bed.


Just when you think pet beds couldn’t get any better…Experience the same qualities of the SASH Calming Bed while on the road.

Fitted with all the safety measures to keep your pet safe (and your car’s interior protected), it also features the same weighted design as the SASH Calming Bed.

While it’s designed to keep your pet safe and secure while in the car, it also doubles as a portable bed when travelling.

If your pet experiences travel sickness or feels uneasy in the car, this 2-in-1 Premium Dog Car Bed answers all their wishes. Ideal for short car rides and longer roadtrips, you AND your pet will notice the difference this bed will make for any journey.

No matter what the destination, your pup will feel safe and secure on the journey.

  • Creates calm, comfort & security: Durable and weighted, it acts as a cocoon for stability against any bump on the road.
  • Suitable for front & rear seats: And features carry handles for ease of transporting in and out of the car.
  • Removable machine washable cover: Keep your pup's car seat bed fresh and clean with ease.
  • Generous internal padding for thickness: Use the padded booster base to view the world outside with ease/while staying seated.
  • Breathable material: The car seat bed is made with lightweight fabric, and doesn't trap heat in - perfect for all seasons!
  • Designed with a neutral charcoal colour: it's functional for your pup and blends into any vehicle interior.
We have measured to the best of our capability but when dealing with soft plush fabric, we can only estimate. If you are still not sure please see below to help you choose the right size, you must measure your dog when it is in its natural sleeping form and take note of the largest width and length that you have measured. Our sizing "is oversized" because we want your puppy to grow into it. Keep in mind when you are purchasing the SASH bed that it is a bed that is built to last.