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Premium Teddy Bed
Premium Teddy Bed
Premium Teddy Bed
Premium Teddy Bed
Premium Teddy Bed
Premium Teddy Bed
Premium Teddy Bed
Premium Teddy Bed
Premium Teddy Bed
Premium Teddy Bed
Premium Teddy Bed
Premium Teddy Bed

Premium Teddy Bed

  • Made with highest quality 'Teddy' material
  • Breathable & light - perfect for all seasons
  • Durable construction with double-layered padding
  • Machine washable and durable
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Self-Soothing Tool Like a child's soft toy, the material helps your pup to self-soothe and relax.

Machine Washable Cover Keep your dog's bed fresh and hygienic while increasing the lifetime of your SASH bed.

Light & Breathable Although super cosy, the material is light and doesn't trap heat.


*Guaranteed to unbox exactly the way they look in our photos or your money back!*

If you love our Luxe Bouclé Bed, you’ll adore this dreamy Teddy Bed. It has the same dual-layered construction but in a caramel material (for those cheeky pups who can’t be trusted with white!).

The ever-popular teddy material creates a cosy and secure space for your pup to curl up and enjoy the ultimate snuggle.Although cosy, the material is super light & breathable, making it the perfect place of rest for any season.

Designed with generous internal padding and a Teddy cover, even you'll be tempted to curl up and enjoy the afternoon sun!

The NEW Cuddly Teddy Bed is everything your pup has ever dreamed of.

  • Breathable material: Although super cosy, the Teddy material is light and airy, and doesn't trap heat in - perfect for all seasons!
  • Generous internal padding for thickness: Not only make your pup feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud, but it’s built to last and will hold its shape for years to come.
  • Teddy material creates comfort & security: just like a child with a soft toy, your pup will be able to self-soothe and relax into a deep slumber.
  • Comes in a gorgeous caramel colour: it's functional for your pup but stylish & suits any home interior styling.
  • Removable machine washable cover: Keep your pup's bed fresh and clean with ease. Spare covers are available too, for easy interchange!